DCONS Moped Club

DCONS Memorial bbq 2023

May 27 2023 Kalamazoo, Michigan


Who was dj joslin?

A talented artist, father, and friend.  There were few people Deej did not connect with.  If you had the opportunity to meet this man, you know exactly what we're talking about.  A natural host and caring human, DJ loved to entertain and cook for friends, family, and strangers.  

Patched in July 3rd 2018, Deej quickly became a core member of our club, hosting nearly all our club gatherings.  As cheesy as it sounds, DJ was the glue that held the club together.  DCONS were stagnant, and after he was patched in, new life was brought to the club.  Every night of his week was filled with skateboarding, music, mopeds, good food, and great friends.  We're thankful that he took us along for the ride.

We're privleged to have known him, and we host this event in his honor.

The fight continues

Many of you donated to our fundraiser earlier this year, and we're truly thankful.  The funds raised for Dan and his family helped a great deal.

Dan's fight is not over and there are bills to pay, so the majority of the proceeds from the memorial BBQ will be donated to our club member Dan Yax.

Dan and DJ were brothers, and we could not think of a better way to honor Dj's memory than to help his family in a time of need.